AHG / SE Staff

Allan H. Gold, S.E., P.E., AIA, F.ASCE
Allan is a native Chicagoan with 35 years of experience as a structural engineer, architect, educator and consultant in the building industry. Allan received his MSAE from UIC in 1967 and has been a licensed structural engineer and architect in Illinois since 1970.

Dionysios (Dennis) J. Pantazis, P.E.
Dennis received his MSCE from the University of Illinois (Urbana) in 1996 and has 10 years of engineering design and contracting experience in the Chicago and Urbana- Champaign areas.

Robert D. Zofkie, S.E.
Bob received his MSCE degree at the University of Minnesota in 1996 and has 12 years of structural design experience in the Chicago area.